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Want to monetise your unutilised 9B space? We can help.

Monetise your 9B compliant training space and earn extra income!

You can turn your idle space into a consisten revenue stream.

With two decades of experience in property, leases and brokering, we are the experts in linking industry providers with clients in need of 9B compliant training spaces.
Training Spacefinder - Real Estate Education

Watch the video above for more information on how you can monetise your 9B compliant training space!

Want to monetise your unutilised space?

Space sharing provides the ultimate ‘win/win’ solution for RTO’s that have vacant training rooms and RTO’s that require 9b compliant premises.

How Does It Work

The first step is to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your training rooms and the potential for additional revenue from space-sharing bookings. Once approved, we present your property in a professional manner to our clients looking for space. We seamlessly handle the booking administration and ongoing booking management to make the space-sharing process work for everyone involved.

How long can I hire out my 9B compliant training space?

With Training SpaceFinder you can hire our your 9B compliant training space, under a long-term licence agreement.

Our agreements are flexible, with a 12-month term, and 90-day termination period. 

Training Spacefinder - Real Estate Education

How long can I hire my space for?

We currently have locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane available. However, new locations are always becoming available.

How does it work?

Training SpaceFinder carefully selects premium sites that are operated by large, established RTO’s and secures their surplus training rooms on long-term agreements as incubators for our clients.

Training SpaceFinder then work with RTO’s who are looking for space and once they have reviewed their space sharing options and made their selection, 12-24 month agreements are put in place to provide them with the exclusive use of their training rooms and shared use of student breakout areas.

How do I get involved?

We’ll talk your language rather than strange insurance acronyms that probably don’t help.

How Training SpaceFinder Works.

The team at Training SpaceFinder manage all bookings on your behalf and handles all agreements, negotiations and payments for you. We will do everything possible to ensure the arrangement is a win-win for both parties.
Training Spacefinder - Real Estate Education


Step 1: Contact us

Visit our Contact Us page, submit your details and then read and agree to the terms and conditions.


Step 2: Property Information

We will then be in touch to verify the details of your property and go through our application process to ensure we have full details of your property, capacities and availability.


Step 3: To Market

Once we have your signed agreement back, your property will be added to our venue review.

Step 4: Negotiations

When a client selects your property, we will contact you to discuss the details and seek your approval.

Step 5: Agreement

We handle the booking agreements and ensure everyone is on the same page for a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship.


Step 6: Commence

You will then start to receive additional revenue for your classrooms.

Our Process Map

Training Spacefinder - Real Estate Education

Interested? Contact us today and get ready to start making a profit