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Do you need a 9B venue for your training organisation?
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What is Training SpaceFinder

Training SpaceFinder is a space-sharing real estate agency that specialises in 9B educational space. 

Space sharing allows organisations to secure, or hire out, 9B compliant training rooms in an educational facility, giving educators use of the training rooms and shared access to facilities within the venue.

With two decades of experience in property and brokering, we pride ourselves in giving RTO’s the best property options for the future success of their business.

We have had over 500 clients approved with ASQA utilising our properties.
We have managed over $100 million worth of prime educational real estate​
$ 0 M
We currently manage over 10,000m2 of 9B compliant space​
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We have won 14 business awards​
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What are my choices for educational space?

Training SpaceFinder only deals with 9B compliant educational space, utilising the space sharing model to provide RTO’s with the training space to support the success of their business.

You have the standard option of choosing between securing a long-term lease or a space sharing training room through our specialised booking service.

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What sets us apart


Nationwide available venues.

We offer a currently available selection of venues nationwide, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your requirements.


A proven venue solution model for success.

Offering comprehensive documentation and a tested model for success, we develop a clear roadmap to acquire a 9B compliant property. By challenging the conventional real estate approach, we've established a low risk viable entry point into the market.


Ongoing support from the SpaceFinder team.

Our support ensures a smooth booking experience from start to finish. Once your venue booking is confirmed, you'll receive a detailed confirmation email and a follow-up call for any queries. Our team is readily available at all stages to assist, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience.



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