Terms and Conditions.

Our clients engage the services of SpaceFinder; as their dedicated Venue Agent, to coordinate and facilitate their training rooms requirements as specified and agreed.

By engaging the services of a professional Venue Agent, our clients agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Agreement  
    By submitting your details you agree to engage Training SpaceFinder Pty Ltd trading as SpaceFinder ABN: 66 141 265 223 (SpaceFinder) to act as a venue consultant and to liaise with venue providers on your behalf in accordance with the following terms and conditions and confirm that you are appropriately authorised to enter into this agreement. This agreement continues until the services are performed or an expiry date specified by SpaceFinder unless terminated earlier in accordance with this agreement. The Engagement Date is the date you submitted your information to us though www.trainingspacefinder.com.au/contact
  1. Acknowledgement  
    You are confirming that you are authorised to enter into this agreement and that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. 
  1. Services  
    SpaceFinder shall provide you with venue options and act as your venue consultant to liaise with providers and provide the following services: 
    (a) consultation and negotiation on your behalf with venue providers 
    (b) communication of the relevant building classification by the relevant authority in accordance with the Building Code of Australia as provided by the venue; 
    (c) provision of a venue pack and proposal for the hire of a suitable venue as determined by you. 
  1. Payment 
    Once a venue has been selected, payment of the booking confirmation fee (typically equivalent to one months full rent) is required within two (2) business days to support the venue documentation process and to secure the booking. This is non-refundable unless landlord approval is not secured. The Upfront Package Fee if quoted is only valid for thirty (30) day 
  1. Cancellation of agreement 
    You have the right to cancel this agreement at any time prior to venue selection, by written notice to SpaceFinder. In the unlikely event that a viable venue was not sourced during your venue tender (defined as not in accordance with the requirements defined in your Scope Confirmation Email), SpaceFinder retain the right to cancel this agreement.  
  1. Venue review delivery 
    You will be provided with your venue options for your review within 48 business hours of information submission. 
  1. Venue review expiry 
    Venues are provided daily to multiple clients, so we hold a first in best dress policy and can’t always guarantee availability of venue. If an additional full tender process is required, a fee will be levied as an extension to our service. 
  1. Communication with venue management  
    You agree not to communicate directly with venue staff until SpaceFinder advises you in writing that the venue has been booked and secured for your use in accordance with the venue details. Once you receive confirmation of the booking from SpaceFinder you are entitled to communicate directly with the venue surrounding additional services that are not included within this agreement or the License Agreement. 
  1. Venue Selection 
    Once a venue has been selected and payment of the booking confirmation invoice has been received within two (2) business days, booking agreements and full supporting document will be provided. The booking confirmation fee is non-refundable unless otherwise stated 
  1. Appropriate use of booked venues 
    You agree to only use the venues as per the terms of the License Agreement for the purposes specified. Responsibility for appropriate use of the venue is your responsibility and is not associated with SpaceFinder as the booking agent. Venue fees are invoiced monthly in advance and are payable prior to the months end to secure your ongoing booking. 
  1. Audit coordination 
    Audit coordination will be arranged in accordance with your requirements and the SpaceFinder package selected. Day hire fees for the required number of training rooms for capacity at the selected venue for audit day are covered by the holding fees paid, unless otherwise specified in the License Agreement. Please note that the SpaceFinder service facilitates a win/win for all parties, so full transparency is required regarding the exact capacity applied for & in the event of non-training, capacity is limited to six (6) months from the date the application agreement is signed. Whilst holding fees are payable no access is permitted to the venue, if you wish to commence in the venue full training amount will be applicable.
  1. Liability 
    SpaceFinder recommends that you conduct an audit of the relevant venue to confirm that the details provided by the venue are correct and suitable for your needs, including but not limited to ASQA; CRICOS; Local Government; health, safety and environmental regulations and standards. SpaceFinder accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy, omission or act of the venue provider, you, your representatives or attendees of the venue, irrespective of the outcome of any incident, audit, review or assessment and provides no guarantee or warranty. 
    In the event that performance of any of the services outlined in this Agreement becomes impractical or unachievable as a result of a change in applicable law or regulations (or the interpretation and/or application of such) by a relevant governing body (e.g. ASQA), SpaceFinder reserves the right to alter its service provision accordingly. SpaceFinder accepts no liability for any loss, financial or otherwise, that results from a change of this nature and provides no guarantee or warranty that any alternative service provision will achieve a particular outcome. It is your responsibility to ensure the venue selected meets all applicable guidelines and standards set out by the relevant governing bodies at the time of application. 
  1. Privacy 
    SpaceFinder shall comply with the Australian Privacy Principles set out within the Privacy Act. Specifically, SpaceFinder will not provide your information to any third party unless required or authorised at law. 
  1. Termination 
    SpaceFinder may terminate the agreement at any time by informing you in writing. You may also terminate the agreement, in writing at any time. Cancellation of booking conditions apply (see clause 5 of the booking agreement). If you fail to pay the package Fee to secure the service, SpaceFinder reserve the right to cancel this agreement and will not be liable for any damage or loss. The conclusion of this agreement is sixty (60) days from the Engagement Date, if any stage of the process is delayed resulting in the need for an additional venue tender, additional fees may be applicable. Any fees paid will be non-refundable post the conclusion date and a new agreement will need to be entered into if our services are required.
  1. Severability 
    In the event any clause or provision within this agreement is determined to be void or unenforceable, that provision or clause will be severed with the rest of the agreement clauses or provisions remaining in force and effect. 
  1. Disclaimer 
    The terms of this contract are legally binding and not the marketing material within. This marketing material is for illustrative and information purposes only and does not form a binding part of this agreement.