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What are my choices for educational space?

Training SpaceFinder only deals with 9b compliant educational space,
utilising the space sharing model to provide RTO’s with the training space to support the success of their business.

We are delighted to provide you with two industry leading solutions:

After a decade in space sharing, ‘Campus by SpaceFinder’ was created from repeated client requests to provide a permanent home in a dedicated campus.

This premium product is designed for established operators requiring the stability & security of long term sub-leases & exclusive-use wings for teaching & admin space, while still enjoying the cost savings & collaboration of space sharing student break out areas.

What is Campus by SpaceFinder?

Campus by SpaceFinder are dynamic branded CBD campuses that are purpose built for RTO’s to meet their business, training delivery & compliance needs.

Why Campus by SpaceFinder?

After a decade of brokering training space for the education sector, Training SpaceFinder received repeated client requests for a longer-term space solution designed with their needs in mind. Taking their space sharing philosophy & combining it with business acumen & experience, the Campuses provide a much-needed viable business solution to contemporary training practices.

Who are these campuses designed for?

Campuses are for successful RTO’s that value the security, stability & autonomy of a long-term sub-lease, while benefitting from space-sharing synergy & costs.

Where are the campuses?

The exact locations of our campuses are yet to be revealed, however, they are in direct response to client demand, so expect Campuses in the major Australian CBD’s and high demand regional areas.

When to expect a Campuses by SpaceFinder near you?

The expected launch date of the first branded Campuses in Australia-wide locations in late 2021 but we are already experiencing HOT demand, with 3 of our campuses already at 50% capacity, so register your interest today!

How do the campuses work?

Designed for the astute RTO, each campus comprises of 2-3 RTO’s in a dynamic & intelligent space, with a unique combination of exclusive-use training rooms and shared breakout areas & resources. Training SpaceFinders extensive experience in shared space positions the campuses at the forefront of collaboration while offering maximum utilisation from an RTO business perspective.

Space Sharing Incubators.

We have selected premium sites Australia wide that are operated by established RTO’s that are 9b compliant & are full set up to incubate your RTO during the early years.  Benefits include turn key rental rates, flexible terms & a blend of exclusive use training rooms with shared breakout areas.

What is it?

Space sharing provides the ultimate ‘win/win’ solution for RTO’s that have vacant training rooms & RTO’s that are expanding or in the ASQA application process, and are needing 9b premises.

How does it work?

Training SpaceFinder provides the match-making service & ongoing booking management, to make the space-sharing process work for everyone involved.

Who are the incubators designed for?

The Training SpaceFinder incubators are designed for RTO’s that are near the beginning of their journey or are expanding their operations and don’t want the expense or long-term commitment of commercial leases.

Where are the incubators?

We currently have locations in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane and have other locations coming soon.

How do the incubators work?

Training SpaceFinder carefully selects premium sites that are operated by large, established RTO’s and secures their surplus training rooms on long-term agreements as incubators for our clients. 

Training SpaceFinder then work with RTO’s who are looking for space & once they have reviewed their space sharing options & made their selection, 12-24 month agreements are put in place to provide them with the exclusive use of their training rooms and shared use of student breakout areas.

How do I get involved?

If you can see the benefits of a ‘Training SpaceFinder Incubator’ or ‘Campus by SpaceFinder’ for your business, get in touch to review current availability to position your business for success today!

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